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July 2021 Edition

Last Edition I mentioned visiting old friends and some of them were places as well as people.
Our first in July was a stop at Wal-Mart in Arkansas City, Kansas where we got the motor home serviced and breakfast at a new place as our old favorite was closed Monday.
Daisy Mae’s was just down the road from the Wal-Mart.
Breakfast was great, prices were very good and everyone was friendly, including the locals.
 From there we traveled to Ottawa State Fishing Lake, Minneapolis, Kansas where we have camped about 4 times now on our way North,
Our plans for Mexico have been put on hold for a time.
This year’s 4th of July was spent in a quiet campsite at Ottawa State Fishing Camp in Minneapolis, Kansas.
This is the fourth trip here and Ottawa was also the birth place of using solar cells for the motor home.
This trip used the total of 570 watts with a portable panel.
Electric generation has not been the problem.
Preparing to leave Ottawa Fishing Lake the kayak loading had two false starts.
The night of July 5th found them both still on the ground.
The next morning after another false start and about after an hour they were finally loaded and secured for travel.
Instructions and photos were filed for the next stop.
The Airport Park in Concordia was another return visit; however the visit was cut short because the inverter died!
While there, we were inundated by one humongous storm which had such violent winds that the motor home shook for almost and hour.
Reminded us of the time aboard the boat during Hurricane Irma!
The inverter was originally bought at Wal-Mart before we left and we saw one where we got the oil changed in Arkansas City, however, they did not have it at the one across the street from Airport Park so Dawn started calling around.
After calling five local Wal-mart stores one was located in Seward, Nebraska.
The manager promised to hold it, so we packed up and spent the night there.
We had dinner at a great Mexican restaurant, La Carreta.
It was a two Margarita night, and the next day we went to Lincoln to gas up at Sam’s Club and replenish Vitamins at COSTCO!
They had the food service open but only Pepperoni and Cheese now and no sauerkraut (one of Dawn's favorites) for the hot dogs.
We returned to Aurora and parked at Streeter Park for the fourth time.
There is one more stop necessary before heading north again.
Grand Island has a Harbor Freight and we must return a hitch extension that is terrible (too wobbly for our purpose). 
While we were there the front tyres were replaced at Discount Tire for almost half of what we paid way back in 2018 at “Camping World” when we first left.
After Aurora, it was decided to stay in Nebraska and we headed to Deshler to stay for 4 more days.
While there they had a model train meet hosted by “Spring Creek Model Trains” at the fairgrounds.
They have a huge shop in town and heading back to Aurora for the Fair, a stop in Hebron was made to view the largest covered porch swing in the US!
Back in Aurora, we walked into town for breakfast at a favorite restaurant - Rath’s!
We plan to pick up mail in Bayard then turn north to South Dakota.
We will be ending the month in Nebraska.
The main issue this month is an outbreak of shingles!