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December 2022 Edition

We wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. 
It took three days to prepare to leave Mississippi after 5 months of “Residence!”
It is said things come in threes and it was true, my teacher friend lost her husband, another friend passed, and our boat was severely damaged in the Florida Hurricane. 
Last December was no stellar time either.
I was laid up with a back injury and Dawn’s mother passed just before Christmas. 
Just like Kevin in Home Alone 2 “Another Year in the Trenches!”
We arrived to view the sailboat for the first time since Hurricane Ian.
Things were a jumbled mess inside and out.
The boatyard cut the mast and laid it across the deck.
First order of the day was to get things out of the way and somewhat orderly.
Surprisingly the main hull and deck was not damaged, and we had the top part of the Walker Bay mast returned, it must have blown across the yard into the fence.
The davits will be repairable and I will need to edit my book as the base was the part that failed.  
Trip back to Mississippi was uneventful and there were no side trips
While in Florida we had 3 meetings with the powers that be but nothing yet.
Picked up the motorcycle and rode for the first time since 2004, and parked it at the laundry until it is licensed, and have taken short trips to reacquaint myself with Defensive Motorcycle Riding. 
So far FEMA has totally fouled up our paperwork and one representative said not to expect much until after the holidays.
Hopefully I will return alone to get things prepared to remove the boat from the boatyard. 
There is also a question about our boat being our primary residence with SBA disaster assistance. 
Bottom line we may simply wind up with nothing!
Meanwhile things drone on! 



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