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Motor home life started for us in 2018 and soon after the Web-Page was created.

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 I started out as a child, much to the chagrin of my parents. My early education experience consisted of mostly attempts to convince the various administrations of my innocence. So at the early age of 14, I was already contemplating my early retirement as well as exit from High School. So at the tender age of 17, I went off to excel in the world of finance.

After much sampling of the various opportunities open to me, (read I had a bunch of jobs that did not work out) some of which enabled me interesting adventures, such as jumping out of airplanes into forest fires, finally at the ripe old age of 30 achieved academic success. Teaching first elementary then middle school up to my early retirement at which time my need to become a professional vagabond won out and left from Fort Benton, Montana heading for Saint Louis, Missouri in a homebuilt wood kayak afterwards traveling to Marana to rebuild my first sailboat. In 2003 sailboat refitted and transported to Port Isabel, Texas I then started on the buccaneer coarse for the next 7 years attempting to integrate with particular members of island populations on my course to the South Seas, eventually making port in the Golden State where I was recruited to re-enter the wild world of commerce. This led me inland to become a landlubber for the next 5 years~!

Tale of my odyssey to Tucson and Joining The RavenBrook Group LLC 

Me and me hardies were a sailin’ offen the coast of Paradise (Zhuatanejo) when out of the fog came a warning shot over me bow. “well” I says to me first mate “We better strike our colours fast and scuttle the dingy to let the noble crew make there escape to yonder landfall. As ye can imagine the rest was not pretty, musket fire sent the crew a scramblin’ and I was grabbed, drug away with claw marks all down me deck and shredded lines a flyin’ all over the rails. Next thing I knew was bound and gagged with blindfolds so I couldn’t find me way back to me noble galleon and found me self chained to the computer and forced to do entries on QuickBooks! So me pretty that was the end of me pirate days, and me crew the scalawags bartered me capture for a few measly doubloons! Alas after the years of torture and hassling by that ignoble institution known as the IRS I be makin me escape to the blessed Gulf shores and after takin charge of me current vessel intend to continue to plunder me way to my black hearts content!​​




Retired at age 50 from Verizon, born in Connecticut, raised in Long Beach, CA, traveled and lived in Baja Norte, Baja Sur then retreated back to Tuscon, AZ where I met Charlie. Casting my wish out to the universe, wanting to meet  someone on the Gulf Coast...the wish was surprisingly answered when I chose to search online at Plenty of Fish. My byline was "Must Love Fishing" and lo and  behold, after one or two requests, Charlie answered my request with..."So, does this mean you don't get seasick?" and so a relationship was conceived. That was in May 2012. He was a transplanted Californian CFO for a risk management company in Marana, AZ. In addition to being a CFO, he is a retired math teacher of 28 years from San Bernardino, CA.

Being retired as a DSL tecnician, I am a self-taught  Computer Tech, Web Design and an avid Angler. That being said, if anyone needs any assisance with computer help there is a wonderful app that can be installed called Teamviewer (link also downloadable by desktop). When you install Teamviewer you will be given an assigned number just for you. If assistance is needed, please don't hesitate to email me at The only way I will have access to your computer is to have a password that you are provided with and the password changes every time when you need assistance.​​