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Welcome To Boondocking SunChaser

Bringing interesting insights and fun travel locations.

Our beloved Dawn Treader is back at J & R Boatyard! Mr. Perkins has become ill as far as the fuel line goes!!! The alternator decided to quit and is now being replaced with a new and better one, Charlie has worked hard and diligently to bring Mr. Perkins back to his working state. We are also replacing the electric toilet with a manual one!

We will keep you updated with our travels.

Dawn and Charlie loving the Dawn Treader.

Recent Places

Lemon Bay, Englewood, Florida

What Me Worry?-Sunflower Field Near Alliance Nebraska

Sunset Skyway Bridge Florida

Long Beach, Mississippi

Streeter Park, Aurora, Nebraska

Center of North America, Rugby, North Dakota


New Solar Panels on Dawn Treader

John Crone's Painted Figurine

Chimney Rock, Nebraska

Sanford's Pub an Grub, Casper, Wyoming

Solar on the Motor Home

Dinner on the Dawn Treader

Solar on Dawn Treader