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Motor home life started for us in 2018 and soon after the Web-Page was created.

The information here is provided without charge or subscription and all information is personally researched and verified.

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Welcome To Boondocking SunChaser

Bringing interesting insights and fun travel locations.

FEMA and SBA update

We have been able to prove that we have a home that is not a "brick and stick" home. We are still in the process of going through the usual "red tape" that is involved with government funding. We have "trucked" our home from Placida, Florida to Gulfport, Mississippi due to mechanical disaster of not being able to bring our home by water. Soon we will have our mast back and able to get our "home" to a new place.

First attempt to move to Mississippi

Found mast at Gulfport, Mississippi

Prepped to move to Mississippi

Second attempt to leave Florida

Davits before Hurricane Ian

Before Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian 2022


As always we will survive!

Dawn and Charlie loving the Dawn Treader.

Recent Places

Lemon Bay, Englewood, Florida

What Me Worry?-Sunflower Field Near Alliance Nebraska

Sunset Skyway Bridge Florida

Long Beach, Mississippi

Streeter Park, Aurora, Nebraska

Center of North America, Rugby, North Dakota


New Solar Panels on Dawn Treader

John Crone's Painted Figurine

Chimney Rock, Nebraska

Sanford's Pub an Grub, Casper, Wyoming

Solar on the Motor Home

Dinner on the Dawn Treader

Solar on Dawn Treader