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Motor home life started for us in 2018 and soon after the Web-Page was created.

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Hurricane  and FEMA update

So far we have had to prove that our sailboat is our only legal residence. We have no "brick and mortar" home. And since we were not on board at the time of the hurricane we can only claim what damage was done to our home. SBA is requiring an appeal as well as FEMA.  Not to mention that the boatyard has stated that no "live aboards" are at their boatyard when there is many people that ARE living on their boats at that location. 

Davits before Hurricane Ian

Before Hurricane Ian


There was a rumor of a fatality when an anchor fell on a worker.

The boats have been lifted back on the jacks and so far it looks like the mast and Davits are causalities.

If we can’t float it safely we will have to sell it for salvage as our savings are exhausted.


We only had liability because it was supposed to be safe in the yard!

Also, we could not get adequate insurance without a recent survey and we had just finished the 10 year restoration and was going to do that before we took out the boat THIS MONTH (October 2022)!


It is just one of those things and at 75 and 68 there is a limited amount of resources available.

As always we will survive!


This would have been the month (October 2022) we would have returned to re-launch and sail away for the winter.

The hull is intact and can float without leaks we plan to motor over to the mooring and then at the end of winter we will complete repairs in Mississippi at a private dock that is up a river out of the hurricane zone!

Dawn and Charlie loving the Dawn Treader.

Recent Places

Lemon Bay, Englewood, Florida

What Me Worry?-Sunflower Field Near Alliance Nebraska

Sunset Skyway Bridge Florida

Long Beach, Mississippi

Streeter Park, Aurora, Nebraska

Center of North America, Rugby, North Dakota


New Solar Panels on Dawn Treader

John Crone's Painted Figurine

Chimney Rock, Nebraska

Sanford's Pub an Grub, Casper, Wyoming

Solar on the Motor Home

Dinner on the Dawn Treader

Solar on Dawn Treader