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January 2024

The New Year Arrived and so did our funding.
It took just over 15 months, more than 120 Documents, many notarized, two Senators, and a Congressman to finally secure a Disaster Recovery Loan!
If we lived in a conventional house it would have been done in less than a month.
On the sailboat front much of the necessary work is complete.
A set of like new sails was found at Mast Head Enterprises ( )
The people there are first rate and very knowledgeable.
The motor home developed an electrical problem during our “Honeymoon” trip last month, so to check it out we made a week end trip to our favorite seafood restaurant in Alabama.
It is suspected that te alternator is not fully charging the batteries.
We are thoroughly testing it before having it replaced!
On the chicken front the next door neighbor traded 3 roosters for 8 hens.
He had a bunch of roosters but no hens.
The three roosters are mellow and do not fight each other.
The three are a Rhode Island Red, Easter Egger, and a Silkie.
We have taken a special liking to the little Silkie and he gets to spend time with us.
He has become more of a pet. 
The Boatworks projects for the month are rigging the Jib and Furler, tracing the engine problem, and final check before moving to the marina.
The weather has been too cold for any fiberglass work and it is also very difficult to properly diagnose the engine problems.
The Davits were re-attached to the boat and the solar panels are mounted and ready to attach to the cross braces as soon as it is warm enough for epoxy.
We are really frustrated as we still can’t get the boat transferred to the Marina and move back aboard.
Readers will notice that there is no longer a Photo section as now the photos contain the captions.
This is a great time saver as the photos are now self exclamatory.

Year End Recap


Dawn and I came to Florida and moved aboard our sailboat the Dawn Treader in 2012, and in 2022 Hurricane Ian almost put an end to our sailboat. 
Thanks to the graciousness of Jeff and Rita a couple that have become dear friends and adopted family we were provided a stable place during the struggle to re-float our boat. 
From the beginning there have been a bunch of great people that helped us adjust to our new lifestyle.
One of the first was John Riccio, the manager of All American Storage where our boat was located. 
John helped us with materials and free advice as well as yard services that saved us a lot of headaches.




A chance meeting at a restaurant brought not only Steve and Sue Rosen, but the entire Englewood Sailing Association into our lives. 
John Krystyniak was working at West Marine when we met, and still helps ferret out sailing problems today.  


Our Marina neighbors Dave and Brita, who spent 5 years in the Caribbean and Central America, left us with many valuable tips and one super comprehensive “First Aid Kit” as well as a great definition for cruising, “Cruising is repairing your boat in beautiful places.” 
We met Doug and Prudy Albrecht at a church BBQ.
Doug piloted the Palm Island Ferry but most important he and his wife lived aboard boats. 
We spent 4 years docked at Butch Floyd’s Florida House and later visited his Montana home in our motor home.
At one time Butch operated a commercial diving and fishing boat. 
We did much to restore and refit the sailboat there.  
In 2018 we brought our sailboat to Placida Florida to prepare for ocean travel.
Due to a mechanical breakdown Dawn Treader was stuck in storage at J&R Marine services room 2018 to 2023.
During this time all our friends played host, helped with the work and generally encouraged us to continue.

Through all the trials we have managed to preserve owning the boat and small motor home for travel on land and sea.
This coming year we just may get all the problems sorted out and possibly even some upgrades. 

As the New Year unfolds we wish that all our family, friends, and readers a year of achieved goals, and prosperity. 





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