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August 2023 Edition

August finds us still parked and the sailboat is still in the boatyard. Part of the issue is the typical August weather in the area, heat with high humidity.

We are still waiting for the second half of the “Disaster Recovery Loan” and currently it is the US Coast Guard that is the holdup.
They must process the papers and return them to SBA before the money can be released! 

It is our hope that we get the boat finished in time to take advantage of the sailing season.
Once the boat is in the marina the sails can be ordered and a few other things finished.
The Davits and Solar Panels still need to be repaired from the hurricane.   


The following upgrades are planned.

1   New Low Voltage RADAR and GPS/Chart Plotter with Depth Finder.
2.  Replace non operative Stove with Force One Gimbaled Stove with Auto Ignite.
3.  New Flotation Ring for Walker Bay Dinghy.
4.  Repair or Replace Outboard Engine for dinghy.
5.  Replace all lifelines.


Around the farm there are a bunch of chicken hatchlings.
I converted the unused pig pen to house the first batch of Jackie’s bunch as there are grown.
They turned out to be a very colorful bunch.

Jackie’s Second bunch is now in the “Tractor Pen” which gets moved every three days. 
The three survivors from the "Egg Bunch" are now mingled with the flock.
Little Dusty was our favorite from that group.
Twice Dawn and I had to save its life.

The last hen from the egg bunch has three and she follows me around for snacks of bread.
We are not sure where they will go when she abandons them.

One of the hens in Outer Pen Now Waits for me to “Carry her” to the Roost in the Coop! 

Dawn still helps out sorting chickens.
Jeff bought a motorcycle and I got new tires on mine.

We had to take the Air Conditioner apart to clean out the Evaporator and Drains as the water was draining into the galley! 
That pretty well sums up our August!

August has been a slow month for us but the weather is starting to break and it looks like there will not be any more 100+ degree days.
So far the only hurricane has completely bypassed us and our friends in Englewood, Florida. 
People there are still recovering from the one that devastated our boat as well. 

         **************Late Breaking News ***************
Today, August 31, we just discovered Jackie, the prolific Chicken, is hatching another brood!



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