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March 2023 Edition

Arriving at the sailboat, the first order of the day was to clear the mast from the deck.
On our last trip we cleared the broken furling and torn Genoa and cleaned as best we could. 
We bought special blades for both the Saws. All that Jeff loaned us and the Skill Saw that Doug loaned us. 
It took two days to cut the mast in manageable pieces.
The procedure was to use the Skill Saw with a Diablo Aluminum Cutting blade to go through the top part and then finish up with the Saws-All through the thin bottom part. 
The following Monday Doug gave me a ride to the “Recycle” and we received $60 for the scrap! (240 lbs of aluminum @ $.25)
After the bottom paint, (Anti Fouling) general cleanup and preparations for launching began.
The two house batteries had to be replaced.
While we were doing everything we started a video story and hope the launch and trip to Mississippi will go well.  
Meanwhile back at the Ranch, Doug’s Mango Trees are recovering from Hurricane Ian, and he has planted Squash and Potatoes.
He has several Blueberry Plants as well. 
We managed to get stuck going up the hill to park in their yard. 
Steve and Sue had their relatives and the garage was being rebuilt from Hurricane Ian.
It looked like an RV convention when we visited to make arrangements to move the boat. 
On the way from the boat, we stopped at the Northport Mall for breakfast.
What would a Florida Mall be without a Giant Flamingo!
I did a final check and arranged to drop the boat in the water.
So, Tuesday the 21st I spent the night on the boat and Steve showed up Wednesday morning to move the boat.
Even with all the preparations we only got about two hours out before the boat started overheating. 
I checked everything we could while Steve kept us out of the bushes, I managed to get a few not nice burns in the process.
Finally, after much frustrating attempts and several burns and blisters we turned around and limped back to the boatyard.
Dawn called ahead and the crew was waiting to take the boat back to J&R Marine Services.
All in all, it was a tremendously disappointing day.
Our sailing dinghy was used for a photo-op at the Englewood Sailing Association’s 20th anniversary, before we arrived.
We have been members since arriving in Florida and it was sad to miss it.  
I saved the broken parts from the davit bases, it will be easy to repair them and re-install the davits before we re-launch.
The solar panels, however, are long gone. 
The new panels will arrive before we leave and will be set in the cockpit temporarily.
The halyard winches were removed by drilling out the frozen screws.
They were disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated.
They will be saved to install on the new mast. 
Back at the boatyard, the impeller was replaced and the engine ran up again.
The overheating will need some minor adjustments in the expansion tank.
Once again we are running out of month.
The boat got cleaned and the dinghy brought back, and the replacement solar panel set up. 
The parts for the fuel system and replacement impeller were ordered. 
We managed to test the small new generator we bought by powering the motor home while parked at the boatyard. 
Hopefully, everything will arrive before we must leave again.
We are still waiting on the SBA Decision!



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