Boondocking SunChaser 

The Fun Life

September 2022 Edition

Late Breaking Hurricane News.

We have no idea what condition our boat is in.

The Phone lines and Cell Towers are down but we do know that a number of boats were damaged at all the boatyards in the area.


September started with needing new seat covers for the motor home dinette, and Jeff getting new gravel for the driveway. 

I will have my last Eye appointment on the 20th.


The Cantaloupe has some ready to pick. Much of what we planted is being harvested; Fresh Basil, Cucumbers, Asparagus Beans (very long string beans), and now the Cantaloupe.  It just has not seemed like that long ago that we arrived.


The Free Range Chickens have become pets more or less. They gather at the steps of the motor home whenever we go out. They get put in the pen at night and Dawn lets them out after gathering the eggs.

One particular chicken we call the “Buddy Chicken" prefers to be carried back to the pen at night!

Sometimes she will wait for us on the seat of the golf cart on the patio.


 The Tractor Mower serves as a tow vehicle when not mowing. The trailer is used to clean up and transport things.

The trees that were cut down will be cut into fire wood and stored.


The pig pen also had very tall weeds some over 5 feet. Jeff used the Bobcat with a mowing attachment.

That cut the brush in a very short time. He also took out the hill in front us as well.


Jeff and Rita stayed in their Motor Home at the laundry for three days. He and Rita had a special order and the Ironer had to be worked on. The drive belts are quite expensive. The roller does the finish dry and folding.


 While they we at the laundry I decided to clean up the shore of the pond. (Small Lake). It all had to be done with the hand mower. The Weed Whacker Mower turned cantankerous for some reason but it has started working again.


The shore and lake looks so much better and Jeff’s fishing spot is clear now. The before photos got deleted in the camera for some reason. There were so many tall weeds and stuff that a great deal was hidden.


The view out our window is the adjacent field and the goats next door. We are facing almost due west so we do not get sun heat during the day. We are in a covered barn.


The Fish Pond has been cleared and looks much better now. Jeff is planning to build a dock.

He has moved a platform and Gazebo near the pond.


He is also going to give two of the laying hens to his neighbor. We get to trap them.  The first one was not too hard but took two attempts. The first attempt failed she hid in the rafters and escaped.

The next day we trapped her in the chicken enclosure because there is food there.

The second one we got that evening as it roosted in the pen.


Jackie, the chicken, was named by Rose, Jeff’s granddaughter, shortly after hatching.

Jackie is the only one of two survivors from one of the clutches.


I changed the oil in the tractor mower before getting back to work on projects.

Next is new canvas for the outer chicken pen.

Finished up around the pond before starting general mowing again.

We have had a lot of rain.


We managed to capture the two chickens Jeff’s friend wanted but Jackie escaped before he came to pick them up; she is still “at large.”


Jeff finished up leveling the driveway.


Canada Geese are arriving for the winter and they hang out at the pond.

As we prepare to head back to our sailboat the general cleanup and preparations for winter continue.

One project is to build reefs for the fish from discarded PVC Pipes and I have collected the large chunks of gravel from the driveway to build a small jetty using the mower to pull a small trailer.


The pond, which could really qualify as a small lake, has been cleared and soon we will be using the canoe to place the artificial reefs.

Jeff is planning to get some more fish from the local hatchery  


In the midst of it all the one Weed Mower broke down and needs some repair.

The laundry has also been short handed since some people quit!


It is the end of the month and time to wrap things up

The coop for the meat chickens needed to be recovered and the fence moved for the last time.

They are a breed that gains weight quickly.


So we took a few days from farm work to go to the city and help at the laundry.

Dawn worked on the Ironing and folding Machine with Jeff and I did some needed repair on the Class A Motor Home that Jeff and Rita have there.

All of the Laundry workers have quit!



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