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May 2021 Edition

May 2021

It is the beginning of May and we had to make a decision concerning the sailboat.
Well Folks the engine is BROKEN and for this season we are calling it quits!
What we did was to put the boat on the market and IF it sells great, if not I will rebuild the engine.
That is what I should have done in the first place!
By the end of May we will have the boat prepared for yet another year of storage unless it gets sold.
We just can’t afford to stay in Florida much longer. We will soon head out of Florida and plan to stop and visit some friends on the way to Mexico. Hopefully we can stop in Texas and get a bunch of paperwork done for the border crossing.
More later.
The boat engine is a severe disappointment as we spent nearly 4 months and $1800 to get nowhere.
If the boat sells it will relieve us of $300+ a month storage fees and IF and WHEN we see something else than perhaps maybe.
The Dawn Treader provided us with a fine home for almost 6 years before we bought the motor home!   
On the motor home front we have shored up the solar system with new connectors and braces for the wiring on the roof. Everything is continuing to work great and we intend to switch out the boat batteries for the motor home. We will see how much of an improvement AGM batteries really are in use.
I had an eye appointment Monday, May 3rd to determine the Cataract situation, so we decided to go visit a friend in Georgia who raises pigs for Smithfield.
Back at the boat, the last preparations for storage for the season are complete before the Cataract Procedure as there is no heavy lifting for a few days after.
I will be scheduled to have the procedure on June 3rd and we will need to remain in Florida for 5 days after for full recovery.
Yes getting old sucks!
Tuesday the 11th of May, I got my eyes measured and the drops I need to use for 3 days before and 5 days after. Dawn had a doctor’s appointment on the 12th and we took a brief trip to visit friends in Georgia while we wait for the surgery. 
While traveling we received some calls for the boat and will make arrangements for viewing when we return to Florida.
Meanwhile, we are enjoying the peace and quiet of being in the country with no city noise.
Our first stop was at a friend's place in Georgia. Christopher runs a hog farm near Valdosta which was going to be one of our first stops when we bought the motor home in 2018. 
We had a great time and had delicious BBQ Burgers, and the weather was mild enough to keep the Air Conditioner off! From there, after a stop in a rest area, we headed for Lake Panasoffkee Conservation Lands and Hunting Area. 
After a wild goose chase because of faulty directions and another night in a rest area we finally made it to the real campground for 4 more days of peace and quiet. 
If it was not for the medical delay we would be in much cooler climates by now.
Heading back we used some bonus points for a free stay at the Clarion Inn in Clearwater Florida. It is within walking distance to the Clearwater COSTCO for some shopping.
The break from the motor home at the Clarion was disappointing, thanks to COVID! The Clearwater Clarion had the best hot breakfast of the entire Choice Organization and now was about the worst!
The slight extra charge would get a suite instead of just a “room” and a great breakfast that rivaled the Perkins around the corner!
Their COVID solution was a "Get’n’Go" bag and coffee which consisted of an over sweet honey bun, wild blueberry muffin and a peanut butter energy bar! 
The only plus for the stay was it was free with our Choice Bonus Points and only 26 miles straight down US 19 miles to get to the boat we looked at.
The jury is still out on the boat situation.
The one we looked at for a possible trade was a 1973 32' Ericson and much more rough than the 1979 I owned.
We shall see if the owner comes to look at my boat to continue negations for a trade!
While working on my Autobiography, I finished the first poem since we started working on the boat which is a 9 year writing gap!


The memories of all the yesterdays settle like a mist
Days that were long and days that were hollow
The ones that were happy are too long to list
Some come in a flash while others are too dim to follow
They can’t be bought, sold or traded
Rich as well as poor have dreams for life
The end will come for all for time abated
For in prosperity or strife
Preserve memories they are all that is left of the dream
They dance and play until morning light
All that I had has become only memories and dreams
To span the time and bring delight
© Charles H. Smith 2021